Lori Banks, LCSW

COO, Community Crisis Connection

Subject Matter Expertise: Behavioral health crisis servcies in the metro Denver/Boulder region

303-617-2300  |


Carl Clark, MD

CEO, Mental Health Center of Denver

Subject Matter Expertise: Psychiatry, Public Policy, Affordable Care Act, Wellbeing & Wholistic Care

303-504-3920  |  


Kelly Etter

Early Childhood Colorado Partnership

Subject Matter Expertise: Healthy children, early childhood adversity, toxic stress

303-871-2217  |  


Jennifer Hill

Subject Matter Expertise: Lived experience of mental illness and advocate for enhancing access to care for persons with mental illness



Michele Lueck

CEO, Colorado Health Institute

Subject Matter Expertise: Speaker and consultant on healthcare delivery and re-design with a focus on public policy



Don Mares

Director, Denver Human Services

Subject Matter Expertise: Speaker and strategist on behavioral health & public health policy



Dianne Maroney, RN, MSN

Executive Director, Imagine Pipeline

Subject Matter Expertise: The Imagine Project is a program that helps kids overcome difficult life circumstances through expressive writing. Many do not understand the impact of stress and trauma on our youth and its long-term mental health implications if it goes untreated. The project gives kids tools to overcome past, current, or future stress and trauma. 

303 437-4836  |



Bev Marquez

CEO, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners

Subject Matter Expertise: Colorado Crisis Hotline, crisis management

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Roberta Payne, PhD

Board of Directors, Mental Health Center of Denver

Subject Matter Expertise: Speaker and author with lived experience with schizophrenia and addiction disdorder

720-859-7541  |



VP of Child and Family Services, Mental Health Center of Denver

Subject Matter Expertise: Innovation in Service Delivery for Children, Families and Communities

303-504-6647  |


Jeannie Ritter

Mental Health Ambassador, Mental Health Center of Denver  |  Former First Lady of Colorado

Subject Matter Expertise: Public Will Building, Advocacy

303-504-6508  |


Andrew Romanoff

CEO, Mental Health Colorado

Subject Matter Expertise: Mental health systems and legislative advocacy

720-208-2220  |


Arthur Schut

CEO, Arapahoe House

Subject Matter Expertise: Prevention and treatment of addiction disorders, public policy, and integrated care

303-412-3993  |


Daniela Stamatoiu, MD

Psychiatrist in Private Practice

Subject Matter Expertise: Extensive experience in treating children, adolescents, and adults.  Expert in TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy, a non-drug treatment for depression.



Libby Stuyt, MD

Addiction Psychiatrist & Medical Director, Circle Program at Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

Subject Matter Expertise: Tobacco cessation and prevention programs, recovery of mind, body & spirit


Marshall Thomas, MD

CEO, Colorado Access  |  CEO, University of Colorado Depression Center

Subject Matter Expertise: Innovation in Service Delivery for Children, Families and Communities

720-744-5404  |


Matt Vogl, MPH

Executive Director, National Behavioral Health Innovation Center

Subject Matter Expertise: Suicide prevention, depression, depression in men, stigma reduction, community education

303-724-9955  |


Sarah Enos Watamura, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Denver

Subject Matter Expertise: Impact of stress on the health of young children and their parents, protective factors and parenting

303-871-4130  |


Stephen Walker, PhD

Athletic and Personal Performance Consultant, Health and Sport Performance Associates

Subject Matter Expertise: Rotarian and speaker on mental health and society. How do our thoughts impact our biochemistry.  Dr. Walker's goal is to inspire and educate on how we can change the patterns of our life through discipline.

303-530-4439  |  Contact Form



Director of Community Mental Health Integration, University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry

Subject Matter Expertise: Integrated care, mood disorders

303-724-4970  |


Jane West, LPC

Community Liaison, Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health  |  Heart of the West Counseling

Subject Matter Expertise: Early childhood mental health, social emotional development in young children

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Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW

Research Professor, University of Houston School of Social Work 

Subject Matter Expertise: Motivational speaker on topics including the power of vulnerability, daring leadership, and daring classrooms

866-845-9425  |  Speaker's Website  |  TED Talk


Jessie Close

Author of Resilience: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness

Subject Matter Expertise: Lived experience with bipolar disorder, who with her sister, Glenn Close, has founded Bring Change to Mind, an organization dedicated to advance awareness about mental illness.

415-814-8846  |  Email  |  Website


Pete Earley

Author and journalist, formerly with Washington Post

Subject Matter Expertise: Advocate for strong mental health reform he is the authoer of: Crazy; A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness.  Mr. Earley rallies against the troubled mental health system.

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Barbara Fredrickson, PhD

Director, Postive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab, University of North Carolina

Subject Matter Expertise: Fredrickson is a social psychologist who conducts research in emotions and positive psychology.  She is the author of Postivity: Top-Notch Research Reveals the Upward Spiral That Will Change Your Life.

919-843-0091  |  Contact Form  


Mariel Hemingway

Actress and Author

Subject Matter Expertise: Actress and a prolific author regarding healthy lifestyle and a tireless mental health awareness and suicide prevention program advocate.

310-477-0859  |  Contact Form  |  Watch


Marya Hornbacher

Award-winning journalist and best selling author

Subject Matter Expertise: Marya’s talks about mental illness jump in with a reading from her bestselling memoir Madness: A Bipolar Life, which sets the stage for her story of being nearly beaten by, but ultimately triumphing over, severe and persistent mental illness.

917-232-2680  |  |  Website



Co-founder, One Mind  |  Former Congressman from Rhode Island

Subject Matter Expertise: Lived experience with mental illness speaks on topics such as: Eliminatingstigma,  making mental health essential health, and research on treatment effectiveness

617-614-1600  |  Speaker's Website


Elyn Saks, JD

Professor of Law & Psychiatry, Univ of Southern California Law School

Subject Matter Expertise: Best-sellingauthor of The Center Cannot Hold, where she shares her journey of the horrors and demons of mental illness through the extraordinary perspective as both expert and sufferer.

1-800-MY-TALENT  |  Speaker's Website  |  TED Talk


Martin Seligman, PhD

Director, University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center

Subject Matter Expertise: Martin Seligman is known as the founder of the positive psychology movement.  His most current book is: Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being.

215-898-7173|  |  Website


Dan Tomasulo, PhD

Practicing Psychologist, University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center

Subject Matter Expertise: Speaker about the science and practice of positive psychology

732-758-1122  |  |  Website  


Paul Tough

Writer and speaker

Subject Matter Expertise: Contributing writer to New York Times Magazine, Paul Tough writes extensively about parenting, poverty, educationand politics.  His most recent book isHow Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character.  |  Website


Melba J.T. Vasquez, PhD

Private Practice Psychologist  |  Former President of the American Psychological Association

Subject Matter Expertise: Dr. Vasquez is interested in advancing equity and access to mental health care for underserved populations.