Denver Mile High Rotary recently hosted a Bike Ride for Rotarians For Mental Health that raised $600.

Denver Mile High Rotary has also been involved in projects like BrainWise, providing eReaders to Denver Rescue Mission's New Life Program.

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Boulder Valley Rotary is the lead club on a $9,000 District grant that provides “scholarships with living stipends” to clients of Mental Health Partners (MHP) in Boulder. The scholarships provide meals and uniform cleaning for clients who are in MHP’s culinary, custodial and office skills job training programs. Broomfield Rotary also contributed to this grant.  The scholarships began Jan 1, 2015. The first graduate of the culinary skills training found paid employment in June, 2015.  Read More →

The Commerce City Rotary Club embarked on a mental health awareness effort in January 2015 partnering with the Community Reach Center to provide Mental Health First Aid training and certification to club members and members of the community.  Education and increased awareness will work to decrease stigmatizing attitudes regarding mental illness, increase confidence of individuals to reach out to the readily accessible resources available in the community, increase confidence of individuals to provide help to others in need, and increase community knowledge of behavioral health resources available for those in need. Read More →



Rotary Club of Denver

A key element of the Rotarians For Mental Health that the Rotary Club of Denver is focusing on is educating its members about the realities of mental illness in order to break down the misperceptions and biases.  Read More →


Boulder Rotary Club

The BRC Mental Wellness Effort came on board much later than a number of other 5450 committees, having its first official meeting in April, 2015. At that time, the club member championing the effort stated that her primary interest was in “reducing stigma and increasing compassion in regards to mental health issues.” Read More →