denver mile high rotary

Denver Mile High Rotary recently hosted a bike ride raising over $600 for Rotary Mental Health Initiatives.

Additionally, at this time, our involvement in mental health has included teaching BrainWise, a neurocognitive development program, to high risk teens attending CEC, an alternative high school in Denver,  we provided eReaders to the Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life Program to reinforce the men’s use of BrainWise through reading, and we teach BrainWise to physically disabled teens at RYLA Plus.   By sharing this information on the website, other Rotary clubs and agencies will be able to contact us to get involved, make a donation, or initiate their own project.

For the last three years, DMHR had contributed to Warriors on Cataract, a project that enables military veterans to participate in a therapeutic rafting trip.  Read More → 

For more information, contact Pat Gorman Barry, Ph.D., R.N., 2013-2014 President, Denver Mile High Rotary :