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The Commerce City Rotary Club embarked on a mental health awareness initiative in January 2015 partnering with the Community Reach Center to provide Mental Health First Aid training and certification to club members and members of the community.  Education and increased awareness will work to decrease stigmatizing attitudes regarding mental illness, increase confidence of individuals to reach out to the readily accessible resources available in the community, increase confidence of individuals to provide help to others in need, and increase community knowledge of behavioral health resources available for those in need. 

The Club was awarded a $2,500 Rotary District Grant and a $2,500 Commerce City Rotary Foundation Grant to implement the next phase of the mental health awareness project.  The Club motto and theme for this initiative is “You are not alone.  I will listen.  Let’s talk.”

The materials developed under this project will provide education, awareness, and strategies for reducing the stigma of mental health, and mental health treatment and crisis resources.  The materials would be replicable and provide for repeatable use by community organizations and business as well as other Rotary clubs who decide to implement a similar type project.  The success of a project of this nature is directly tied to continued community member involvement, Commerce City Rotary Club member participation, and the formation of partnerships with existing and new behavioral health services organizations in the community.


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Norma Portnoy Commerce City Rotary Club – Mental Health Initiative Chair - 303.853.3279

Sharon Maybee Commerce City Rotary Club – Mental Health Initiative Co-Chair - 303.532.7069